Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where to Mountain Bike in the SF Bay Area?

I'm going to flush this one out shortly, but wanted to quickly put up a list of my favorite trails to ride.

1. Soquel Demonstration Forest! It's off of Summit Road off of Highway 17. I'll post detailed directions soon, as well as links to my GPS tracks on http://www.everytrail.com/ But if you go to everytrail now and search for Soquel Demo Forest, you should be able to find them. I recommend descending Saw Pit, climbing, Sulphur Springs, then Descending the Braille Trail. Lots of great jumps & man made stunts.

2. Tamarancho. In Fairfax / San Anselmo, and also called Boy Scout Camp since the hill side is apparently owned by a boy scout camp. You need either a yearly trail pass or a day pass which can be purchased either online, or at Sunshine Bicycles (in San Anselmo, I think). Great loop, 100% single track, fairly technical, and best ridden clockwise.

3. Skeggs Point, also called El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve. I believe maps can be found at openspace.org. I'm a big fan of descending the Resolution trail to the Cross Cut Trail, down to the Giant Salamander Trail, across the North Leaf Trail, then up the other side. I also like descending the Manzanita Trail, and/or Steam Donkey and Blue Blossom. Generally at Skeggs we descend single track and climb fire roads.

4. Pruissima Creek OSP. Maps at Openspace.org. I park at the top of the Purissima Creek Trail on Skyline, ride north on skyline to the parking lot for the Whittimore Gulch Trail, descend the Whittimore Gulch Trail, then climb the Purissima Creek Trail back to the car.

More to follow soon, and I have GPS logs of most of these trails up at everytrail.org.