Friday, February 1, 2008

My new favorite headset - the Etymotic hf2 - Headset and Earphones

Ever since I picked up a Blackberry Curve I've been trying to find a new headset. I've tried several, but always run into issues hearing or speaking in noisy areas. I've heard about the JawBone bluetooth, and even tried it, but I don't like the delay before it picks up, and I'm sure I'd lose it, or forget to charge it. I read about the Etymotic headsets and had to try one. The hf2 is amazing! When both ear pieces are in it reduced background noise by 20 decibels, which is a whole lot. I believe traditional form earplugs reduce noise by 10 decibels or so. Using one ear or two, I was astounded how clearly I could hear everyone, including my mumbling friends whose phone calls I avoid because I can never understand them.

As for the microphone, it's amazing. I called a friend in her office and before asking her how I sounded, she exclaimed at how clear and crisp I sounded. She was astounded when I said I was driving and had the stereo on. The noise canceling characteristics of both the microphone and the earphones are fantastic.

So, if you have a blackberry Curve or an iPhone and want a fantastic set of headphones that doubles as the best headset made, go for the Etymotic hf2.

I also wrote about it in a HubPages Hub. Check it out: