Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Years Resolution - Juggling 5 Balls

I have a belated 2008 New Years Resolution! I've decided I'm going to learn to juggle 5 balls. After seeing me on the edge of my seat watching the Cirque du Soleil juggler, Susan bought me a set (3) juggling clubs. I brought them into the office ('cause they're quite loud when I drop them) and now have several of the guys juggling 3 clubs. But now that we can all juggle clubs I decided I wanted to learn to juggle 5 balls. I'm fairly good with 3, but apparently the jump from a few cool tricks with 3 to just being able to execute the standard 5 ball cascade is a big leap! I bought 6 balls and brought them into the office. Now almost everyone can juggle 3, and a few of us are working on 5 balls, but so far no luck on getting beyond throwing 5 and catching 4. Any suggestions?? Happy Juggling!